Welcome to the world of Metarrior!

This document is dedicated to showing players the basic yet crucial steps to start joining and earning in Metarrior. The following instruction includes: creating a game account, linking wallet to account and selling warriors on the Marketplace.

I. Creating a game account

There are two ways to create a Metarrior game account, you can choose either one to your preference.

1. Create game account directly in Metarrior

✅ At the login screen of Metarrior, click on “Register” and proceed to fill in your info as following:

  • 1. Email address
  • 2. Your country
  • 3. Your account name
  • 4. Your password
  • 5. Insert your password again
  • 6. Click on “Get Code”, the confirmation code will then be sent to your email address which you have provided above.
  • Tap on “Register”, and you’re done!

2. Create game account on Metarrior Marketplace

✅ Go to our official Marketplace at and connect your wallet. Choose “Account detail”

✅ After clicking on “Register” in the “My Profile” tab, a notification will pop up. Choose “Create new game account” and fill up the needed information, just like what we showed you above.

II. Linking wallet to game account

✅ Go to and connect your wallet. Once you’re done, click on “Account detail”.

✅ Tap on “Register”.

✅ The pop-up notification will then appear, choose “Link to existing game account” to link your wallet to your account

✅ Type in your account and password that you have previously created. Then click on “Link Account” and you’re done!

III. Game Modes

There are currently 3 game modes available for players to experience in Metarrior. All 3 modes will be reset on a weekly basis. Depending on their positions on the Leaderboard in each mode that players will receive corresponding Spinning Tickets.

a. Mission mode

✅ From the Home screen, tap on “Adventure” at the bottom right of your screen.

✅ Tap on the Mission building to enter Mission mode.

✅ Before hitting “Enter” to start playing in Mission mode, pay attention to the Stamina Bar as you will need 25 Stamina points each time you play this mode. Stamina points can be generated every 2 hours,

You can choose up to 3 Warriors to help recover more Stamina points. Keep in mind that the higher Rarity of your Warriors is, the more Stamina Points will be recovered.

✅ Hit “Enter” to start Mission Mode. The only thing you need to do is to match as many puzzles and score as many points as possible to compete on the Leaderboard and claim massive rewards.

b. Campaign mode

✅ From the Home screen, tap on “Adventure” at the bottom right of your screen.

✅ Tap on the Campaign building to start your journey!

✅ In the Campaign mode, you can see the progress of your adventure, choose “Start Battle” and begin your conquest!

c. Expedition mode

✅ From the Home screen, tap on “Adventure” at the bottom right of your screen.

✅ Tap on the Expedition building to start your challenge

✅ There are two different events in Expedition mode, which are Endless Night and Demon Realm. Only one event will be open for participation at a time and each day you will have 2 turns to join the event. Receive massive rewards by competing with others on the Leaderboard.